Imperial No More Campaign

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Today the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society  and Ancestral Pride  launch the Imperial No More Campaign.  We are launching this campaign to stop Imperial Metals before they cause any more violence and devastation to the lands, waters and our lives.  We are seeking support to protect our unceded territories and to ensure the children of all people can eat the salmon and breathe the air, we cannot do it without your support.

“We the people are the Protectors and Land Defenders and with our allies supporting this indigenous-led resistance, we will make a stand to stop Imperial Metals from violating our rights. Not one more mountain will be mined, not one more water way destroyed in the name of profit, not one more tree logged to create roads for these mines.” –Kanahus

Kanahus Manuel of the Secwepemc Women’s Warriors Society, mother and artist and Sacheen Seitcham of Ancestral Pride, Grandmother, medicine maker and traditional midwife have been organizing resistance to the illegal mining operations of Imperial Metals on their territories since before the devastating tailings pond breach in 2014. We stand to protect Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe and Chitaapi Mountain from Imperial Metals.

Despite their efforts Imperial Metal’s Mount Polley mine continues to operate and in November 2015 the province issued a permit for the company to discharge their toxic tailings into Hazeltine Creek, the same waterways affected by the 2014 breach.

“The Time is Now, We Cannot Wait Anymore”

The creeks, rivers, lakes and ocean are all connected.  The poisons being discharged into Hazeltine Creek flow through the connected waterways.  The salmon which return to the rivers form the oceans must pass through the toxins never cleaned up by Imperial Metals.  This is not just an Indigenous issue, we all live downstream.  The destruction of the land by mining is violence and enough is enough.

Two full years after the catastrophic breach of Mount Polley’s Tailings Pond, Imperial Metals continues to operate illegally destroying the land and endangering the lives of all the surrounding people.

Over the last week the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride have been taking direct action with the support of allies to show Imperial Metals that we will escalate resistance until they cease and desist all mining operations on our Indigenous territories.

On August 4th  we marked the 2-year anniversary of the devastating Tailings Pond breach with a gathering of Indigenous land defenders, allies and supporters to shut down the mine and to assert sovereignty over our unceded territories. There were workshops, feasting, training, ceremony and information sharing.

After skilling up together we completely blocked all workers from returning to work and stopped mining activity. 

On August 9th  the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride successfully occupied the Imperial Metal’s Vancouver Office. Imperial Metals ordered thirty police offers to violently assault Indigenous women and supporters, with four arrests and many bruised bodies. Spirits remain high and we know the world is watching, we have support from around the world. 

“Colonial violence is real! The mining companies in central and south amerikkka are already killing indigenous people for protecting their land and their ways of life. We are quick approaching that time here in kkkanada and we need to know where everyone stands? Will you put your bodies on the line to fight for the future?” -Sacheen

It is time to gather the resources to SHUT IMPERIAL METALS DOWN!

What the funds will be used for:

All funds raised will be used to develop and maintain the campaign to Stop Imperial Metals.  Up to this point Sacheen, Kanahus and their supporters have been operating on their own funds and small contributions from their networks.

Here is where the funds will be used:

• For the materials and equipment necessary to hold events, direct actions and provide documentation for media releases.

• To repair our vehicle and cover the travel costs for members of the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society, Ancestral Pride and their supporters to be where they need to in order to continue pressure on Imperial Metals and their shareholders.

This also means we will be able to connect with the grassroots community, indigenous and non-indigenous most affected by Imperial Metals mines.

• To ensure we have the necessary funds for any legal fees that arise when the RCMP come down on our supporters and us.

• For awareness spreading materials and activities.

• To provide capacity building featuring Guerilla Media training, grant writing opportunities for other indigenous land defenders and our supporters.

• To build homes at Tska7 (Ruddock Creek) and Chitaapi (Catface Mountain) to assert our rights and title over our territories by living on them. This is most important as occupation is key to stopping resource extraction!

• We plan to host a large gathering that can bring together members of effected communities and our supporters to strategize and build a stronger movement to resist Imperial Metals on all affected territories.

“Colonial violence is real! The mining companies in central and south amerikkka are already killing indigenous people for protecting their land and their ways of life. We are quick approaching that time here in kkkanada and we need to know where everyone stands? Will you put your bodies on the line to fight for the future?”

For more information:

Imperial Metals is engaging in mining practices and operations that are in direct oppostion to the protocols and inherent rights and title of the Secwepemc, Ahousaht, Tla-o-qui-aht, Wet’suwet’en, and Tahltan First Nations.

UBCIC Supports Actions Recognizing Mount Polley Devastation

Reposted from Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs:

(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, B.C. – August 10, 2016) Yesterday marked the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, yet on this day Vancouver stood witness to violent acts against Indigenous women in their efforts to raise awareness to the environmental devastation caused by Imperial Mines’ Mount Polley tailings dam two years ago. August 4, 2016, marked the second anniversary of the failure of the tailings dam at Mount Polley which is now considered to be the worst mining disaster of its kind in Canadian history. The dam burst flooded Hazeltine Creek with 2.5 billion gallons of contaminated water and 4.5 million cubic meters of metals-laden silt destroying the creek, contaminating Quesnel Lake and endangering the very livelihoods of the many First Nations and non-First Nations communities throughout Secwepemc Territory.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, exclaims “Two short years ago, the mad rush for higher dividends created the conditions ripe for the apparent gross negligence at Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley Mine, combined with the lackadaisical enforcement of the BC Government lead to one of the most infamous instances of flagrant regulatory misconduct and immense devastation to the land, water and air ever seen in this province. In this regard, it is absolutely outrageous that charges have not been laid against Imperial Metals. The collapse of the Mount Polley tailings dam will be long remembered as the most destructive assault of Indigenous Title, Rights and Treaty Rights for all First Nations living in the Fraser River Basin.”

In May 2016, BC Auditor General Carol Bellringer released a scathing report finding that the “monitoring and inspections for mines were inadequate to ensure mine operators complied with requirements.” Further the UBCIC has yet to see a genuine commitment from the Province of BC to adopt all of the Independent Expert Engineers Panel Report’s seven recommendations ensuring that such a disaster will not happen again. Consequently, several First Nations and Tourism operators have filed lawsuits against Imperial Metals.

UBCIC Vice-President Chief Robert Chamberlin, an advocate for the protection of wild salmon insists “Too little has been done to prevent another Mount Polley disaster. Where are the stronger regulations and industry scrutiny that are desperately required? These forms of environmental catastrophes represent a clear threat to wild salmon and an unacceptable infringement of Indigenous Rights.”

On August 4, in an attempt to raise awareness of these issues the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and the Secwepemculecw Grassroots Movement peacefully constructed a blockade to the entrance of the Imperial Metals Mine, and were met with a disgusting show of violence from an Imperial Metals’ employee. Further, on August 09, the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society peacefully occupied the Imperial Metals Vancouver office in an effort to raise awareness of these issues and were met with an equally disgusting and shameful demonstration of racial prejudice and violence.

Kukpi7 Judy Wilson, UBCIC Secretary-Treasurer, states “The UBCIC condemns the needless violence and racial aggression of Imperial Mine employees directed at the women, children and elders in peaceful protest at both of these actions, violence that sent Sacheen Seitcham to Caribou Memorial Hospital, as a consequence of being struck by a mining employee driven vehicle, and calls for increased and responsible action by the RCMP in supporting the victims of these traumatizing events.”

UBCIC supports the assertion of Indigenous rights and title to our stolen lands and advocates strongly for increased scrutiny and regulation of all current and future mining projects with full consultation and accommodation of Indigenous rights.


Media inquires:
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs
Phone: (604) 684-0231

Secwepemc Occupy Offices of Imperial Metals

ImperialMetalsOccupation from on Vimeo.

We successfully occupied the corporate headquarters of Imperial Metals. Two years after the Mount Polley disaster, Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride had an action to show Imperial Metals that we will escalate resistance until they cease and desist all mining operation in our Indigenous territories. Imperial Metals ordered thirty police offers to violently assault Indigenous women and supporters, with four arrests and many bruised bodies. But our spirits are high and we know the world is watching, we have support from around the world. We are holding their responsible for the violence against Indigenous lands and Indigenous women. We sent a message to investors and shareholders, including President Brian Kynoch who was in the office, that they are violating our Indigenous Rights and Title and violating our free, prior and informed consent. 

According to Kanahus Manuel, “Vancouver is a hub for mining around the world. This industry is violating peoples and lands around the world and we join Indigenous peoples all over with our war cry to protect our homelands. Our actions will continue until Mount Polley and Imperial Metals are out of our territory. The Indigenous nations are united to get industry out of our territory.”


Secwepemc Blockade Mount Polley Mine Site

Mount Polley Mine Blocked from on Vimeo.

Kukstemc Kleco Ociem. We thank everyone who came out to the Second Anniversary of Mount Polley Mining Disaster on August 4, 2016. We had many diverse groups such as Ancestral Pride, Downtown Eastside Power of Women, Native Youth Movement, No One Is Illegal, Rising Tide, Unist’ot’en Solidarity Bridge, Alliance Against Displacement, and Council of Canadians in attendance and sharing knowledge and experiences. The event was a great success with over one hundred people traveling all across Turtle Island to attend — even a bus from Vancouver.


The Secwepemc Women Warrior Society and the Secwepemculecw Grassroots Movement welcomed participants to witness and understand the pain and the devastation that occurred on Secwepemc Territory (Shuswap People and Territory) as a result of the mining disaster. Imperial Metals Mount Polley Mine has committed acts of harm and gross misconduct to the land, water, and air. They have violated our Indigenous Rights and Title and our human rights.

The Mount Polley Mine tailings spill has created a toxic legacy and they have not rectified the situation. The tailings are still at the bottom of the waterways which directly impacts the land and water not only for the people of the area, but for all who live downstream. The discharge permit issued for Hazeltine creek is allowing the Mount Polley Mine to continue to pollute and desecrate the sacred ancestral village that once existed at that site. Meanwhile, the provincial government is in collusion with Imperial Metals to keep everyone in the dark about their dangerous mining practices.


We all gathered together for the two-day event that featured workshops from Ancestral Pride, Sara Kendall, Bob Ages, Harsha Walia, Jen Castro and Chrisse Oleman, and finished with blockade training and an actual blockade. We trained participants on how to effectively conduct a soft blockade in a peaceful and safe manner, as well as demonstrate de-escalation tactics.

We allowed all vehicles out of the blockade, but no one was allowed in. Kanahus, April, Sacheen, Harsha, Havana, Crystal and Bob turned away over 50 vehicles from entering the mine site and we effectively shut down the mining operation for over four hours! Our intention was to show Imperial Metals, Canada, and everyone that we can and will shut this mine down in assertion of our Indigenous rights and UNDRIP that Canada has just signed on to.


For our media release and photos of the blockade:

At about 6:00 pm, a mining employee in a smaller 4 door, dark blue vehicle and front plates mudded over, gained speed as he was leaving the mining site and approaching the blockade. He would not stop when we were attempting to speak to him and provide him with information as to why we were taking this direct action and blockade. Instead he aggressively drove towards women, children and elders. Several people tried to inform him that there were children at the blockade and to slow down. He kept coming fast and to prevent herself from being run over, Sacheen climbed onto the hood of the car and the roof. The driver sped up with full knowledge of what he was doing and violently threw her off of his vehicle and onto her back causing her injury. The callous disregard for human life, including women, elders and children, was very apparent to all who were present. There were about 30 witnesses to the crimes and violence he committed.

Watch video of the assault:

Sacheen was taken to Caribou Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake and put in a neck brace and received x-rays to ensure that she did not break any bones or sustain any head injuries. She was released with painkillers as well as received a shock to her whole musco-skeletal frame for her back spasming. She is very lucky she did not break her neck, back or sustain any more serious injuries. We are relieved that there were no other casualties.

The next morning, Sacheen, Kanahus Manuel and April Thomas to the Williams Lake RCMP detachment to lodge a legitimate police complaint regarding the assault Sacheen received at the hands of Imperial Metals mine worker.

Staff Sergeant Mark Smith took all three into a room and aggressively confronted them. He stated off the bat that Sacheen can be charged with mischief. As he stood over us, he was shaking in anger and stated that Sacheen should not bother with moving forward with her complaint. Kanahus and Sacheen both asked why he was being so rude and aggressive. April told him that he was violating our human rights because he was not being cooperative was taking sides with the industry workers. He stated we are all lucky not to be arrested because he saw the video from other people sending it in and said that Sacheen should not have been climbing on someone’s car. Sacheen was understandably shocked and traumatized and responded by asking the Staff Sergeant how this could be true when the man driving was attempting to run her and other people over without stopping. We were treated so disrespectfully and unprofessionally by the RCMP. When Kanahus accused Staff Sergeant Mark Smith of being racist he said, “You want to pull the race card, GET OUT, GET OUT,” as he pointed us out the door of the statement room without taking Sacheen’s statement.

Watch video at RCMP detachment:

Read blog about how to advocate for Sacheens human rights:…/

According to Secwepemc grandmother April Thomas, who just recently traveled to the United Nation to speak to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, “The conduct and behavior of the RCMP during and after the blockade is yet another fine example of the level of abuse of power, bias and lack of cultural sensitivity faced by our people. Their actions are cultural genocide being committed in order to further oppress our people, in an attempt to further steal our unceded and unsurrendered lands, along with all its rich resources.”

“To witness such a disregard to my sister Sacheen’s life was very traumatic, especially when our blockade was a peaceful action, with elders, women, and families present. The RCMP, the province and Imperial Metals continue to prove that they work hand-in-hand to violate our rights as Indigenous peoples and ignore our authority and jurisdiction over our own unceded territories,” further says Kanahus Manuel.

“Voices from the Blockade at Mount Polley” event in Vancouver will be held on Wednesday August 10, Prisoner Justice Day, featuring Cecilia, Kanahus, Sacheen, Havanna, Crystal and Carol:

Mining and raping our native lands is closely tied to violence and racism towards Indigenous women. We are Indigenous mothers and grandmothers who refuse to back down. Imperial No More! Stop Mount Polley!

Imperial Metals AGM: Call for Solidarity!

A coalition of indigenous land defenders and allies — Ancestral Pride, Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society, and No One Is Illegal, Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories — have put out a call to action against Imperial Metals at their Annual General Meeting on Friday, May 27. The Imperial No More movement will converge on the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC to call for an end to all Imperial Metals’ mining operations taking place across the unceded indigenous land of the Ahousaht, Secwepemc, Wet’suwet’en, Tlaoquiaht and Tahltan First Nations.

Imperial Metals is more than the sum of their mining operations. It is a publicly traded corporation that is backed by multinational financial behemoths all over the world. Imperial Metals’ shareholders have offices  all across so-called Canada and the United States.

So this is a call to solidarity. Stand with the indigenous nations of this land and continent and fight back against the destruction of the land and all life. Protest Imperial Metals’ shareholders across the country during the weekend of May 27 and beyond.

You can find a list of Imperials’ shareholders here. For a complete list of additional office locations, please see the list of satellite locations. Imperial Metals has also partnered with the Japanese mining companies Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd. and Itochu Corporation for the Ruddock Creek project. Both Mitsui and Itochu have offices across North America (Turtle Island).

For protests, use slogans such as Stop Imperial Metals, Imperial No More, Stop Mt. Polley, Solidarity with the Secwepemc, Solidarity with the Ahousaht, Respect Indigenous Sovereignty, and No Mining on Native Land. Please send pictures and write ups!

Support and defend the protocols and inherent rights and title of the Ahousaht, Secwepemc, Wetsuweten, Tlaoquiaht and Tahltan First Nations! Solidarity against Imperial Metals! #ImperialNoMore

Shut Down Imperial Metals AGM!


*Spanish translation below

When: Friday, May 27 at 9 AM
Where: River Rock Casino Resort, 8811 River Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8

Please come and join in the fight against mining. Imperial Metals is a mining company that is responsible for the biggest mining disaster in so called British Columbia at their Mt. Polley mine, to date they still have not cleaned up their toxic tailings spill and they have resumed operations!

Indigenous Land Defenders: Ancestral Pride, Secwepemc Womens Warrior Society, and our allies No One Is Illegal and others to be added ask that you stand with us as we confront Imperial Metals Mining Corp and thier share holders at their Annual General Meeting!

This company is engaging in mining practices and operations that are in direct oppostion to the protocols and inherent rights and title of the Ahousaht, Secwepemc, Wetsuweten, Tlaoquiaht and Tahltan First Nations.

We the people are the Protectors and Land Defenders and with our allies supporting this indigenous led resistance we will make a stand to stop Imperial Metals from violating our rights. Not one more mountain will be mined, not one more water way destroyed in the name of profit, not one more tree logged to create roads for these mines. WE ARE IMPERIAL NO MORE WE ARE CHITAAPI AND WE WILL STOP MT POLLEY AND STOP IMPERIAL METALS ✊

We say: Yes To Mother Earth No To Mining! We are in solidairty with all mining affected indigenous peoples world wide!

To show your solidarity you can make a sign take a pic and post it on all your social media using our hashtags #IMPERIALNOMORE #WEARECHITAAPI #STOPMTPOLLEY #STOPIMPERIALMETALS to create awareness, you can alse share the event and invite everyone you know!

Kleco Kukstemc



* Aquí la oportunidad de retribuir la solidaridad a las/los guerreros indígenas de Canadá, que se han solidarizado con las luchas de América Latina y el mundo entero, en contra de innumerables injusticias, entre ellas la minería asesina, que está acabando con todo: mares, ríos, árboles, aire, fauna, flora, y claro, con la vida misma, o ¿acaso no han leído del infierno que viven las comunidades en donde una minera canadiense va y echa su mierda para saquear los metales?

Las que invitan, son nada menos que las mujeres indígenas de los territorios no cedidos en Canadá, que sin titubeos alzaron la voz y se sumaron a la lucha en contra de la desaparición forzada de los 43 estudiantes de Ayotzinapa, en México.
Lean, rolen, inviten. Gracias.


Cuándo: Viernes 27 de mayo a 09 a.m.
Dónde : River Rock Casino Resort , 8811 River Road , Richmond , BC V6X 3P8

Por favor, vengan y únanse a la lucha contra la minería. Imperial Metals es la empresa minera responsable de la mayor catástrofe minera en la llamada Columbia Británica, a través de su mina en Mount Polley. ¡Es la fecha en que no han limpiado su derrame de relaves tóxicos, y ya han reanudado operaciones!

Los Defensores Indígenas de la Tierra: Ancestral Pride, Secwepemc Womens Warrior Society, y nuestros aliados de No One Is Illegal de la Costa Salish (territorios no cedidos), más otros por agregarse, los invitamos a protestar con nosotros para confrontar a Imperial Metales Mining Corp y sus accionistas en su Reunión Anual General.

Dicha compañía está incurriendo en prácticas mineras cuyas operaciones se contraponen a los protocolos y derechos inherentes a la propiedad de la Tierra, de las Primeras Naciones Ahousaht, Sepwepemc, Wetsuweten, Tlaoquiaht y Tahltan.

Nosotros, la gente, somos los protectores y defensores de la tierra y con el apoyo de los aliados que apoyan la resistencia indígena vamos a manifestarnos firmemente para que Imperial Metals deje de violar nuestros derechos. Ni una sola de montaña más debe ser extraída, ni una sola forma más de agua debe ser destruida en nombre del progreso; ni un solo árbol más debe ser derrumbado para imponer los caminos hacia estas minas. Nosotros somos Imperial No More, We are Chitaapi, y vamos a detener el ecocidio en Mount Polley, vamos a detener a Imperial Metals.✊

Decimos: ¡sí a la Madre Tierra, no a la minería! Estamos en solidaridad con todas las poblaciones indígenas del mundo, afectadas por la minería.

Para mostrar su solidaridad pueden hacer pancartas, o tomarse una foto acompañada de los hashtag #IMPERIALNOMORE #WEARECHITAAPI #STOPMTPOLLEY #STOPIMPERIALMETALS y subirla a sus redes sociales, o publicarla en sus medios de comunicación. Ayúdennos a crear conciencia, compartiendo el evento e invitando a todos sus conocidos.

Kleco Kukstemc